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Introducing the ultimate cuddle buddies! Our Woodland Crochet Animals are destined to become cherished companions for your little ones. Meet our adorable Crochet Deer sporting cute dungarees.


Crafted from premium wool, our Woodland Friends are exceptionally soft and perfect for endless hours of playtime. Whether exploring the house or accompanying on adventures, they're always ready for fun.


Handmade with meticulous care, each crochet animal is unique, so expect delightful variations that add to their charm.


Bring home the warmth and comfort of our Woodland Crochet Animals today, and watch as they become treasured playtime pals for your child.


Enhance your child's playtime with our delightful Crochet Deer and other Woodland Crochet Animals, crafted from premium wool for hours of cuddly fun and exploration. Handmade with care, each animal is unique, adding to their charm and appeal. Get yours today and let the adventures begin!

Deer | Crochet Toy Animal

R399,00 Regular Price
R349,00Sale Price
    • Material - Wool
    • Size - 30cm x 8cm
    • Colour - Beige, White, Brown, Mustard, Black
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