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This high-quality baby mobile is beautifully designed to add the perfect focal point to your little one’s nursery.


Our mobiles are all hand-stitched from felt and hang from a wooden ring, which can be hung above a crib, from the ceiling or creatively from a wall. 


The lovely Sleeping Fox design is the perfect visual stimulus for your baby, as they begin to develop. Hanging above your little one, this mobile will hold your baby’s attention, as they slowly start to focus and understand their surroundings. Not only is this a visual stimulus, but it also provides a calming atmosphere for your little one as they drift off to sleep. 


The Sleeping Fox design consists of little orange fox fast asleep on a white moon. The fox is floating amongst white pom poms and stars in white and grey. 


This is the perfect addition to any nursery and a wonderful gift for expecting parents! 

Sleeping Fox | Baby Mobile

    • Material  - Felt, Wood, String, Metal Ring
    • Colour - White, Orange, Grey
    • Design - Sleeping Fox
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