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Pavilion Play Tent


Let your child’s imagination come to life with our enchanting Pavilion Play Tent. This kids' play tent isn't just a tent, it's a magical reading nook, a playful hideaway, an indoor camp, or a cozy corner for endless adventures. Perfect for any child's playroom or bedroom, this Pavilion-style tent will quickly become a beloved addition to your home.


Versatile Play Space for Kids


Our Pavilion-styled tent offers a quiet haven for solo play or a space for your child to invite friends over to share ideas, creativity, and knowledge. It's sure to become a much-loved part of your child's play space, sparking endless imagination and fun.


Indoor and Outdoor Fun


Great for both indoor and outdoor use, this play tent for kids features neutral colours and a simple design that fits seamlessly with any decor style. The incredibly large covered play area and 8 side panels provide ample space for play, and they can easily be rolled up and secured, creating an open and versatile play space.


High-Quality and Durable


Our Pavilion Tent is built to last, providing years of fun and excitement for your child. The sturdy tent structure consists of a plastic frame and a high-quality cotton cover, ensuring durability and comfort during playtime.


Easy to Move and Store


Lightweight and convenient, this kids' play tent can be effortlessly picked up and moved around your home or garden. Create a versatile and inviting play space your child will love with our Pavilion Play Tent.


Key Features:


  • Neutral colours and simple design fit any decor
  • Incredibly large covered play area with 8 side panels
  • Sturdy plastic frame and high-quality cotton cover
  • Spacious and comfortable for extended play
  • Lightweight and easy to move


Enhance your child's playtime with our Pavilion Play Tent. This kids' play tent offers a stylish and functional play space that ignites imagination and creativity, providing endless hours of entertainment for your little one.

Pavilion | Kids Play Tent

R2 499,00Price
    • Material - Cotton, PVC tube
    • Size - Height: 145cm, Width: 140cm
    • Colour - Cream
    • Design - Pavillion 8 Door Tent
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