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These Rainbow stickers will transform any wall or surface to create a fun and playful environment for your child. Use your imagination to design the perfect layout for your space!


This colourful Rainbow design is the ideal addition to any room. Included in this package, are 6 A5 sheets - each consisting of 6 rainbows (a selection of 36 rainbow stickers in total).


The stickers are made from transparent PVC and are waterproof and durable. Peel and stick these stickers on any smooth surface, such as a wall, window, door or your favourite piece of furniture. These stickers are not suitable for rough or uneven surfaces.


Follow these easy steps to apply to the surface:

1. Clean the surface and allow it to dry completely.

2. Peel off the sticker and apply it to the surface.

3. Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles.

Rainbow | Wall Stickers

    • Material: Transparent PVC
    • Design: Rainbow
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